Connect Aspire Program

  • Melbourne, Australia

Connect Aspire Program

Job description

If you’re a driven, ambitious, and high-achieving Year 12 student who has already completed one or more VCE subjects, we'd love you to join our team. Connect Aspire is an early entry mentorship program that will enable you to learn about what it takes to become an influential educational leader, and to share your knowledge and experience with current students. Teaching aside, you’ll also attend professional development workshops, be assigned your own mentor from our team who has similar interests and goals to you, and have the opportunity to meet amazing, bright-minded students just like you in our supportive community. To top it off, come end-of-year, most applicants will progress to our teaching team: an amazing group of Australia's leading students who will achieve amazing things, together.


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  • To get the most out of the program, we expect you’ll do your best to attend the fantastic events, workshops, and opportunities we’ve got in store for you.

  • You’ll be assigned your own mentor, and you both will have the responsibility of organising when and where to catch up. We’ve planned for a minimum of two meetups — one in each of June and August — but you and your mentor can agree to meet more often if you so choose.

Towards the end of year, while there is no expectation of you to deliver a certain number of lectures, you may be given the opportunity to take your very own lecture if a) we think you’re ready, and b) it won’t interfere with your studies.




  • You really care about education; you will soak in every opportunity we give you to become a better teacher.

  • You’re currently a Year 12 student, but you have already completed and received a study score of 48, 49 or 50 in one or more VCE subjects.

  • You’re a great communicator; you can engage with and empathise with a wide variety of people.

  • You will endeavour to attend all program events, including mentor-mentee meetups, team training, professional development workshops, and more.


Applications for all subjects will be considered. However, experience with one or more of the following subjects is appreciated.

  • Accounting

  • Biology

  • Business Management

  • Chemistry

  • Chinese

  • Economics

  • EAL

  • English

  • English Language

  • French

  • Further Maths

  • HHD

  • History: Revolutions

  • Legal Studies

  • Literature

  • Media

  • Maths Methods

  • Physical Education

  • Psychology

  • Specialist Maths