• Melbourne, Australia


Job description

We’re seeking high-achieving high school graduates who want to challenge themselves to lecture in front of hundreds of students. You'll join a team of focused, hard-working, creative and intelligent people who do great things.

Why work at Connect? Glad you asked.


Applications for all subjects will be considered. You must have completed this subject in VCE.

Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Chinese SL/SLA, EAL, Economics, English, English Language, French, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, History: Revolutions, Legal Studies, Literature, Maths Methods, Media, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Maths, Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design.

The Opportunity

You'll be a member of our world-class teaching team, impacting potentially hundreds of students. You will be responsible for:

  • Learning design, building off our existing content to prepare for customised lectures (once-off or semi-regular workshops delivered at schools) designed to help students revise key content and skills, or support their study skills and strategy.
  • Product delivery, including the potential to deliver lectures at a schools across the state!
  • For both components of your work, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with high-performing team members, and receiving mentoring and coaching from our stellar People Success team.



  • Top Scores & Recent Student Experience: You have a Raw VCE Study Score of at least 45 in one subject. Plus, you graduated from high school no more than three years ago
  • Be Learning-Driven: You really care about education and helping a variety of students, as well as improving your own skills; you will soak in every opportunity we give you to become a better teacher. This is one of our core values. 
  • Empathy: You have empathy for others, and you understand that not everyone is at your level. 
  • Great Communication: You’re a great communicator; you can engage and really cut across with students. You could deal well with small groups of students, and potentially larger groups as big as 100-200 students.
  • Teaching Mindset: You have strong teaching skills across our six teaching values: 1: Setting Objectives, 2) Powerful Instruction, 3) Active Learning, 4) Measuring Learning, 5) Tailoring Teaching, and 6) Being Entertaining. If you have lots of room to grow in any of these areas, you show high-potential for and are receptive to growth.
  • Meta-Knowledge: You have a strong understanding of how students are assessed; you didn’t just get a good score, you know the mechanics behind getting a good score.
  • Reliability & Cultural Add: You are reliable and professional. You align with our core values, and having you in our team makes us stronger as a team.
  • Availability & Enthusiasm: You have enough availability that you will be able to take on a good amount of teaching with us. You will endeavour to attend all team events, including team training, skillshares and more.